Small Measures Identity Design

A branding project for the vision of a specialist store firmly focused on the small impact and personal interactions that a space can have through the selling of coffee and healthy treats.

This identity has been inspired by the sites name Small Measures. The logo incorporated the forms of a measuring spoon as an icon design to be applied throughout the collateral including business cards, place mat menus, stickers, serviettes, tissue paper, coasters, packaging and a catalogue. 

The brand identity has been created that personified the owner and the product offering. A colourful contemporary feel, fused with packaging design elements has been created. The combination of illustration, photography and typography have been used throughout the design to reflect the space. A new collective way of eating that can be enjoyed in the space or taken away through the ease of packaging.



Small Measures 1 .png
Small Measures 2 .png
Small Measures 3 .png
Small Measures 4 .png
Genevieve Drury