magazine layout .png

magazine design 

A magazine publication touring around the best destinations to eat and drink of Hobart. This publication explores type, image, colour and layout design fundamentals. The image and type forms connect together through transparency and filters to engage the viewer through a tactile finished product.

Work to date 2015. 

stamp design .png

Stamp design

A design for a stamp collection and accompanied packaging, resonating the practiceof an Australian designer. 

This stamp collection reflects Kim Wallace an Australian handmade ceramic artist based in Queensland.

Her work is inspired through the raw nature of the coastal landscape focused on the beach and bush flora.

The stamp series design reflects this practice through colour, recycled paper stocks and imprinting garden objects through paint.

Ceramics, surroundings and hands on procedures have been embodied into the design, housed in a traditional stamp box.

Work to date 2016. 


diary pages .png

Diary design

A type specimen project focusing on the font of one family and producing a publication to display this. Camila Henriquez a young graphic designer from Chile created Amanita font.

Henriquez’s background in design surrounds packaging, illustration, branding and editorial. This type specimen was chosen for its petite, free flowing and handwritten forms. Amanita is a slightly condensed handwritten typeface by an irregular and thin line width. 

By choosing a young upcoming designer, was based on showcasing someone similar’s talents at the beginning of their career.The end product was intended to be functional and useable. Therefore a personal diary and planner design was the final output. Work to date 2016.